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Net Neutrality

December 21, 2010

Today, the FCC will meet and vote on guidelines that are intended to keep monolithic corporations from controlling web traffic. Although not yet public, the draft regulations written by FCC Chairman Julis Genachowski are expected to fall short of expectations. The fear is that phone and cable companies could squeeze small businesses and individuals out [...]

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Are You Verifying Shipping Addresses In Your Yahoo! Store?

December 15, 2010

How much thought have you given to the money you throw away on corrected address fees? Maybe you thought it was just a cost of doing business you had to put up with, or that somehow the invalid address entries would miraculously stop. Guess what, they aren’t going to stop and you don’t have to [...]

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The 12 Promos of Xmas

December 7, 2010

Don’t be a Grinch this Holiday Season; spread the joy of savings while you give yourself increased conversions and revenue! Create sales and promotions specifically tailored to help you meet your sales goals and make the most of your inventory with the “12 Promos of Christmas”, featuring the Promo Manager. The possibilities are only limited [...]

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The Importance (and frustration) of Keeping Your Blog Current

December 2, 2010

Your blog is an amazingly simple part of your store that allows you to maintain contact with your current and potential customers. It’s the digital equivalent of your local brick and mortar store after-hours or during a lull in traffic. You know, when you are on friendly terms with the shop owner and they clue [...]

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