King Webmaster now offers a W3C validation service.

Did you know that in a study by Opera, researchers found that only an estimated 4.3% of websites are W3C-Compliant, and that only 50% of sites with a validation badge are actually valid? If you want to know if you are among this 4.3%, check your site for errors here.

The W3C states that its goal is to render all web content available to all people; regardless of their geographical location, language, preferred browser, or physical and mental ability. Don’t you want to ensure that your online store can be accessed by anyone, anywhere? Validation will broaden your customer base, improve user experience, and in effect, make your job easier.

5 reasons you need to validate:

(1)  Project professionalism and improve user experience:

Customers take validation as a sign that not only are you serious about user experience, but that you have also successfully forged a relationship with a diverse group of customers.

(2)  Consistent results: It’s hard to apply design features consistently when a site has a lot of coding errors. With validation, you can guarantee that your site will look the same in every browser, every day. Every customer will experience your site as you designed it.

(3)  Increase search engine ranking by decreasing site-load time. Even if your coding errors are not currently costing you consistent display, they are adding seconds to minutes to your site-load time and adversely affecting your ranking.

(4)  Streamlined maintenance and development: your code will be shorter and easier to read, updates will not affect your display, and web applications will interact with your site as designed.

(5)  Accessibility: Validation is the first step toward making your site accessible to those with disabilities, which is not only good for business but also required by law in many countries.

A few notes about our validation service:

  • We will not fix the following errors:  code in content/product descriptions, Yahoo! code, and 3rd party scripts.
  • Errors will be fixed in accordance with your current DOCTYPE.
  • The average cost is $500 per template (i.e. category pages, item pages, etc.), but every store is different. Please submit your store for an exact quote.
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