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Meet, your one stop shop for original, offensive and irreverent tee shirts.  All of the design, printing, photography, shipping and customer service in house. Two years ago, Chronic started selling his originals on eBay. Realizing there was a whole world of shoppers that may not be finding their product on the popular auction site; they decided to open their own store using the Yahoo! platform.

For their latest store, Chronic came to KingWebmaster with their vision. They had a really good idea of what they wanted, but needed a little help from our designers to pull it all together. The idea was to have a grungy, garage-rock feel that was a little rough around the edges, but with an easy to use, well organized design heavy on customer experience features.

A flash rotator was a must. But, the most important feature for Chronic was the ability for customers to visualize the shirts to their exact color and size preferences.

This means that when a shopper is on an item page and chooses a shirt, they choose whether it is a men’s or women’s cut and their desired color. So, the customer sees the entire shirt, not just the logo or image on the front and the cut changes according to whether it is a men’s or women’s. Then, they can see what their shirt will look like in all the available colors. This feature is extremely helpful in making sure the customer gets exactly what they want.

Chronic is very happy with the project and the design has already received great feedback. About the design process, the team at Chronic said, “I loved working with Jason, we were on the same page and he knew exactly what I wanted, even though I didn’t exactly know myself.”

The site looks amazing; we wish you the best of luck on your latest adventure and KingWebmaster can’t wait to hear about your continued success!

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