New Facebook Comments Feature

Yesterday, Facebook announced an update to the Comments Box plug-in. The plug-in allows retailers to add a single line of code that enables comment boards on their product pages.

In the updated version, Facebook will use “social signals” to increase the relevancy of the comments that are displayed. Comments posted by a consumer’s friends, family or friends of friends will be featured more prominently than comments posted by strangers. Comments determined to be spam will be hidden from view.

Comments made on a website will also be featured on the consumers Facebook wall – that is, as long as they are logged in to their account. The comments will appear on their friend’s newsfeeds along with a link to the site. Users do not need to be logged in to Facebook in order to post comments; the social networking site is actually allowing users to log in using non-facebook account credentials.

In addition, retailers can choose to blacklist certain words and block users.


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