Time for a Change?

Spring is in the air – finally! At times, it seemed like winter would never end. Now, trees are budding, birds are singing and you can finally let some fresh air into the house. It’s also the perfect time to spruce up your e-commerce store. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Don’t’ get overwhelmed

You realize you need a completely new design – and a slew of new features to stay competitive. You think it could add up to be a small fortune,  so you stick your head in the sand. Pull your head out and take it one step at a time! Decide what the site’s most pressing issues are and tackle them one at a time. If you are having trouble figuring out where to start, seek out a reputable Yahoo! Store developer for a no cost site evaluation.

Keep your customers in mind

What is your customer demographic? Are they tech savvy women in their 30’s or casual computer users in their 50’s? Knowing the answers will help you decide what features to focus on and which to save for later. Older shoppers may be more interested in features like expanded product information and prominent customer reviews. Younger shoppers may be more interested in image zoom or a mobile site for on the go shopping.

Speed matters

The rate at which your pages load can have a considerable effect on conversion rates. A few seconds may not seem like much time, but if you are waiting for a page to load, it can seem like an eternity. Clean code that is WC3 compliant and free of unnecessary data requests will load quickly and keep shoppers from getting frustrated and abandoning your site for a another faster loading store. The ability to sort or filter large inventories can also dramatically reduce page load times.

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