Google’s +1 Box

Just when you thought you had your social sharing buttons organized Google rolls out the +1 button – oh, there’s also a new Twitter follow button too.

The jury remains out on the how quickly users will adopt this new way of sharing across cyber world. Or, for that matter, IF they decide to adopt it; in the meantime, here are the particulars.

* Site visitors will be able to click the button to show they like or recommend something.

* In order to +1 something, users will need to be logged in to their Google or Gmail account.

* Users can control who can see their +1’s. Although, even if a user chooses to hide their +1’s from their profile, their endorsement will still be visible from the content they clicked the button on.

* While logged in, users will be able to see which of their contacts +1d the content they are viewing.

* Content that is +1d will help Google target ads to user interests.

As for the Twitter follow button, it allows visitors to follow your brand without having to leave the website. This new button poses another question; do you include both twitter buttons on your site?

As with most new functionalities, only time will tell what this will mean for e-commerce; will it be huge or be forgotten in 6 months time? No way to know that, but you certainly don’t want to be left behind if it turns out to be the next big thing!

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