Holiday 101 Part III – Timing is Everything

Last week we covered promotions and we can all agree on the importance of promotions, but they aren’t going to be effective if their timing is off. This week I will give you an easy reference guide for the days and dates to keep in mind for the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving week – November 18-25 2011

This is the time when retailers really start to drive the point home and promote their upcoming black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

Black Friday – 11.25.11

The holy grail of shopping days, this is the day the dedicated get up at unearthly hours of the morning to score some of the lowest prices of the season.

Cyber Monday – 11.28.11

The holy grail of online shopping days, this is the day office workers across the country hide their online shopping from their bosses. Seriously though, this is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Interestingly, according to this article from CNN, Mondays in general tend to be among the highest grossing days for e-commerce with the 2nd Monday in December coming in right behind Cyber Monday. This year that date is December 12th.

Green Monday – 12.12.11

A relatively new term in e-commerce, Green Monday is the 2nd Monday in December. In recent years, the gross sales on this day were very close to the totals for Cyber Monday.

Free Shipping Day – 12.16.11

Now in its 5th year, Free Shipping Day gives retailers the opportunity to participate with other merchants to offer Free Shipping. Last year it was the 3rd most profitable online shopping day of the year.

Super Saturday – 12.17.11

Since Christmas is on a Sunday this year, most agree that Super Saturday will be on the 17th.

Hanukkah – Begins 12.20.11

Christmas – 12.25.11

After Holiday Sales – 12.26.11 through the year’s end

Returns, exchanges and just plain old shopping for deals, everyone loves to snatch up end of year specials and retailers love to clear out their seasonal inventory. It’s a win – win!

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