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One question that many of our clients have is, “how do I make social networking work for my e-commerce business?” Business owners know that there is value to be gained, but many just aren’t sure how to cultivate it.

Or, they are active on Facebook but haven’t figured out how to monetize their Twitter profile. Luckily I just came across this post from the Get Elastic blog that profiles 17 different kinds of Twitter posts for e-retailers and even gives examples for each type.

Transactional Tweets

Broadcast your current specials and promotions with:

1 – Deals and Promotions

2 – Product announcements and promos

Customer Service

Reach out to customers by providing useful information and alternative ways for customers to contact you:

3 – Reputation management / social “listening”

4 – Product usage tips


Cement your company personality and philosophy:

5 – Business information

6 – Philanthropy

7 – Social responsibility

8 – News of the weird, human interest

9 – Name dropping

10 – Events

11 – Human face

Engaging Tweets

Social media is all about engaging conversation, get your followers involved:

12 – Entertainment

13 – Engaging questions

14 – Contests

15 – Share with your network

16 – RT fan tweets

17 – Promote other content

Click here to read the original post and start Tweeting your way into the New Year!

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