An Introduction to Pinterest

I haven’t payed too much attention to Pineterest, but this morning I decided to set up my account and thought some may be interested in seeing what this newish social site is about.

For the initiated, Pineterest is a kind of internet “pin” board to post collections of things of interest to you. It is still in beta so you have to be sent an invitation in order to set-up an account. It took about two weeks for me to receive approval after submitting my request.

Although a social site, I don’t see this as competition for Facebook or Twitter as users are “pinning” collections of ideas, products and images that remain fairly static on their profiles.

After taking the link in my invitation, I was taken to this screen where you select some of your interests. This is for the site to suggest people for you to follow.

After choosing your categories, you are given suggestions of people to follow. You are not required to choose anyone to follow. But when you create your account, you can sign-in with your Facebook profile and automatically start following any friends that also have a Pinterest profile.

The next page is where you create topics for your own Pinboards. There are five default topics that you can keep, edit and/or add to.

After you have set your Pinboards, you can add a “Pin It” button onto your bookmark toolbar. As you come across something you want to pin, just click the button and a window with the image will pop-up with a box for you to add your own caption and choose which category to pin it to.

This is what your categories look like. As you can see,  I have only pinned a few things. You can pin items from around the web, or from the Pinterest website.

Below is what the Gardening page looked like. It shows the image along with a username and any captions.

Although many e-commerce store owners are still getting their feet wet with Facebook, Twitter and the rest, Pinterest could provide yet another way for your products to be shared. Pinterest’s advantage is that it isn’t as susceptible to the information loss that occurs with the rapidly changing News Feeds.

To request an invitation, you can visit or find a friend that already has a profile. Happy Pinning!


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