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I’m as guilty as anyone for seriously ignoring my Google+ profile, but the new search feature they rolled out today may give all us procrastinators a few new reasons to start using Google’s social network.

Today Google announced their latest innovation called Search plus Your World which introduces three new features to their Social Search function which will be available when you are signed in with your Google+ account.

Personal Results will display search results specifically for you and sourced from information such as photos and posts shared by or for you and you alone.

Profiles in Search will allow you to find those you are close to or may want to follow and provide a way to get in touch with them.

People and Pages will help you find profiles and Google+ pages that relate to a topic or area of interest you are searching for.

From the Google blog:

Search plus Your World will become available over the next few days to people who are signed in and searching on in English.

While there may be 7 billion people and 197 million square miles on Earth, a septillion stars and a trillion webpages, we spend our short, precious lives living in a particular town, with particular friends and family, orbiting a single star and relying on a tiny slice of the world’s information. Our dream is to have technology enable everyone to experience the richness of all their information and people around them.

We named our company after the mathematical number googol as an aspiration toward indexing the countless answers on webpages, but that’s only part of the picture. The other part is people, and that’s what Search plus Your World is all about.

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