In the Nick of Time, the Steal a Deal Case Study

Sports Unlimited is no slouch when it comes to sales and promotions. They always seem to be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to showcasing their discounted and promotional items.  They have had much success with their “Promo Zone” which is a page devoted to all their discounted products and powered by KingWebmaster. When they decided that the Promo Zone wasn’t enough, they worked with Dan from KingWebmaster to develop this unique module which is now available to all Yahoo! Store owners.

What it does: Steal a Deal is a completely automated module that slashes prices on already discounted items based on the number of unique visitors to that product within a given time and continues to reduce the price until time runs out.

How it does it: Only products that have already been discounted are eligible for Steal a Deal. The merchant is able to determine what the discount percentage requirement is and how much lower to allow the discount to go. The Steal a Deal system tracks the number of unique visitors over the course of a set amount of time and once the number of visitors reaches the pre-determined level set by the merchant, the discount percentage is lowered. This continues until either the product is purchased, or until the clock runs out, whichever happens first.

Why it works: Steal a Deal creates a sense of urgency for shoppers by incrementally reducing the price on a single quantity item over a limited amount of time. This approach can be more effective than a traditional sale and help you reduce and eliminate old and overstocked product.  Because all the values used are variables, users are able to test different values for optimal conversion rates.

The homepage features a dropdown that features four of the current deals and links to the Steal a Deal page which Sports Unlimited calls Buzzer Beater Deals.

Close up of the dropdown.

The Buzzer Beater Deals page displays all of the available deals along with the current price, percentage of discount and current time on the clock.

Buzzer Beater Deals product page with price and countdown clock.

This approach to promotions benefits the merchant and the consumer. The merchant is able to dictate what products to offer and how low they want to go while the running clock motivates the shopper to complete the purchase. To learn more about how this module works, click here.

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