Pinterest and E-commerce

One of the hottest discussions to surface this year is how the social pin-boarding site Pinterest will influence e-commerce. So far, it is growing by leaps and bounds, and in January drove more referral traffic than Google+, Reddit, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest is on track to overtake Twitter and Google to slide into the number three spot right behind Stumble Upon (2) and Facebook (1) for sites responsible for the most referral traffic.

If you haven’t had the chance to introduce yourself to the online pin boarding site, click here to read my step-by-step guide to creating a profile.

So how exactly can you as a small business owner use Pinterest to drive traffic to your e-commerce site? Take some cues from a few of the businesses who have gotten a jump start on the platform to see how they are using the site.

Cost Plus World Market creates holiday and event based Pinboards.

Gadgets and Gear organizes their Pinboards by product type and theme.

Fiskars USA profile shows how their products can be use for a range of projects.

TieMart had an event and color theme for their Pinboards.

Ann Taylor takes a seasonal and event approach for their Pinboards.

Pinterest users tend to be more discriminating; they are curating their own unique online experience for future use and inspiration. As a result, e-commerce merchants using this emerging platform have to be careful they don’t go in for the hard sell and risk alienating users. High quality content and useful information is the name of the game on Pinterest.

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