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Join us on Thursday, March 29th at 2 PM ET for the Centrifuge Inventory System webinar, click here to register now.

Learn how precise inventory management can streamline your e-commerce business to save you valuable time and money.

Fully web based, nothing to install – Centrifuge gives you the freedom to monitor and control stock levels from a centralized control panel from anywhere in the world while eliminating the need to install software.

Take control of inventory link never before with time and cost saving features like:

>Display real-time stock status in item pages – Real-time stock status is a must for your customers.  Any doubt they have about whether an item is in stock or not will send them straight to another merchant where they will be sure their item is available and ready to ship. Real-time stock status also saves you precious customer service hours and reduces order cancelations due to out of stock items.

>Real-time stock status from suppliers – Keeping track of supplier’s stock levels is a breeze with Centrifuge. Stock levels from your suppliers are transmitted through our system and connected directly with your control panel allowing your customers to see, in real-time, what’s happening with the stock.

>Real-time stock status from 3rd party inventory systems – Centrifuge acts as a centralized hub where stock level data is accurately transferred between your Yahoo! Store and 3rd party order inventory systems like Stone Edge, Order Motion, The Super Manager, 4Psite Link and M.O.M.

>Support for multiple warehouse items – Easily track stock levels for products that you stock at multiple locations.

>Back-in-stock notifications - Centrifuge helps you recover lost sales due to out of stock items by giving customers the option to choose whether they want to receive an email when the item the want is back is back in stock. If that item is discontinued; you have the ability to suggest a similar item.

>Holding cost and stock level reports – The reporting feature quickly shows you how much you have invested in your stock and what your inventory levels are.

View the full list of features at CentrifugeConnect.com.

Sign up for the introductory webinar on Thursday, March 29th at 2 PM ET by clicking here.

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