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Do I Really Have to Go Mobile?

Published on July 22, 2011 By Robin

Short answer, yes. Longer answer, not necessarily – that is if you don’t mind potentially missing out on an entirely new customer base and positioning your store as one of the early adopters in the first wave of mobile e-commerce stores. If you are like many store owners, you’ve probably thought about having a mobile [...]

E-Commerce Holiday Wishlist

Published on April 26, 2011 By Robin

I know, I know, the snow hasn’t even melted in some parts of the country and all you want to do is feel the sun on your face, but it’s time to figure out your plan of attack for the coming holiday season. So, what should you have on your wish list for 2011? Search [...]

Email Marketing in the Age of Smartphones

Published on January 31, 2011 By Robin

Smartphones have taken over the world and as an e-retailer, it’s part of your responsibility to make sure customers can browse and shop your site. Why would you stop there? By keeping just a few simple guidelines in mind, you can be sure your customers will be able to easily read your email marketing campaigns. [...]