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Boo! A Scary Shipping Story (with a happy ending)!

Published on October 31, 2011 By Robin

We recently heard from one of our clients who had an interesting story that we thought we should share. As with many things, this realization came about because of an oversight – the real-time shipping link was accidentally deleted from their shipping settings. First a little back story, this retailer was using Yahoo!’s default shipping [...]

Holiday Planning 101

Published on September 22, 2011 By Robin

Ready, set, go! The race is on to make the most of the coming holiday season, here is the first installment of a special holiday survival series.

It’s That Time of Year Again

Published on August 11, 2011 By Robin

It’s getting to be that time of the year again, like it or not, back to school shopping and cooler temperatures are on their way. Also lurking right around the corner is the holiday shopping season. As an e-retailer, you can think of this as your free pass to make any changes or add any [...]

Time, Place and Space

Published on April 27, 2010 By Robin

Who doesn’t love springtime? Maybe if you suffer from allergies, but even then, you still  have to admit it’s pretty amazing.  It’s such a time of renewal and promise. Increasing daylight, flowers, trees,  it’s all so energizing. It makes you feel like anything is possible. Many people revisit their New Year’s fitness resolutions, rethink an [...]